Add Pidgin to Ubuntu 12:10 notification menu

I upgraded my ubuntu 12:04 to 12:10  couple of days
And to my surprise the pidgin integration in notification menu had disappeared.

I couldn't figure out why this people f**ked up such an important integration.

After some research and logic I was able to do some juggad and get my original gnome 2 notification style menu in notification bar .

Here are the steps I followed

I did not want Empathy or gwibber so I removed then

Now follow these steps carefully.

Open dconf-editor

Add 'pidgin.desktop' to applications in
 com > canonical > indicator > messages  

Change value to 'all' in system-whitelist in
 com > canonical > unity > panel  

Now Logoff and Login again and you will be able to see the Pidgin in messages notification menu.

Also it now shows the gnome classic style chat notification in notification tray..

Pidgin showing in notification tray.

Wohhoo..!!! , and now I am connected to the world in real-time again hehe ..

Hope this helps you too.


  1. Excellent. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  2. I'm running 13.04 x86_64. There is no ' com > canonical > unity > panel ' in dconf editor. Any ideas?

    1. Sorry bro, I have not tried ubuntu 13:04 yet happy with mint now :D


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