Basic Linux survial commands list

The humble Linux cheat sheet >

A small Linux cheat sheet, introducing the very basic and very essential commands for surviving at the Linux CLI.
Moving around in the file system
pwd"Print working directory" - show what dir you're in.
lsList the contents of a dir.
ls -lList the contents of a dir and show additional info of the files.
ls -aList all files, including hidden files.
cdChange directory.
cd ..Go to the parent directory.
Examining files
fileDetermine the type of a file.
catConcatenate a file.
lessView text files and paginate them if needed.
Manipulating files and directories
cpCopy a file.
cp -iCopy a file and ask before overwriting.
cp -rCopy a directory with its contents.
mvMove or rename a file.
mv -iMove or rename a file and ask before overwriting.
rmRemove a file.
rm -rRemove a directory with its contents.
rm -iAsk before removing a file. Good to use with the -r option.
mkdirMake a directory.
rmdirRemove an empty directory.


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